Asset Management is based on the order information that you have already defined in your sales quote and the resulting contracts.

When your customers agree to purchase a product, the product changes from an agreement line item to an order line item in CPQ. The status of the agreement in this stage is Accepted and the order is now ready to be activated and realized as an asset for that customer. After you receive payments for an order is when the order line item changes to an Asset line item.

With Asset-based Ordering, you can

  • create quotes for new products and services based on existing assets
  • create quotes to modify existing products and services
  • modify in-process orders that have been submitted for fulfillment
  • renew, change, swap, and terminate an existing service
  • have visibility into the asset transaction history during customer interactions

After being processed and fulfilled, new quotes and orders result in new assets that are listed on a customer's account and a line item from an asset becomes an Installed Product. You can access the Accounts page to see a customer's information and their purchase history.

The assets are created upon finalization of a Quote/Proposal and/or activation of an Agreement. If your product contains Usage Tiers and Attributes, there might be a delay for the system to create these records on the Proposal Line Items. You must refresh the Quote/Proposal or Agreement page and wait for the system to finalize the configurations before accepting a Quote or activating an Agreement.

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