The Catalog page enables you to select and configure products. This page allows multiple ways to search and choose the product you are looking for. You can select products by using the Browse Catalog list, Browse, or the Search bar. When using the search bar, you can search for any product regardless of category. However, the products must have their respective Price List associated with the Quote. You can search for products by: 

  • Product Code
  • Product Family
  • Product Description
  • Product Configuration Type
  • Category Names
  • Location

In the search bar, enter the desired product and click Search

As per the Salesforce limitation, the Text Search in the Search bar does not support wildcards at the beginning of the search term. For example, there are 3 products in your Catalog, namely Cat1_Product1, Cat1_Product2 and Cat2_Product4. If your Search Term is *Product1, the search returns 0 result and if your search term is Cat1*, the search returns 2 results (Cat1_Product1 and Cat1_Product2).

Based on your selection from any of the above-mentioned sections, the products are displayed in the Product Catalog section in the center. You can use the Refine Your Search feature to narrow the list of products. For more information, see About Refine Your Search.

Searching Product or Category

You can search for a product by doing any of the following:

  • From the Browse Catalog list, select a category hierarchy you want to view.

  • From the Browse section, navigate to the category hierarchy for the desired product.

  • Sort the products in the Catalog page using the Sort drop-down. Click the sort icon () to see the available fields for sorting in the dropdown. You can select to sort the product in either ascending or descending order of the predefined fields. The following options are available to you in the Sort drop-down on the Catalog page by default. Your administrator can define more fields in Config System Properties:

    • Product Name Ascending
    • Product Name Descending

      The administrator can configure product sort to add more fields. For more information, see Configuring Product Sort. The Sort drop-down is hidden if Smart Search is enabled.

Based on your selection, the products are displayed in the Product Catalog section. If you have Refine Your Search configured, all the filter fields related to the selected category and Search bar are displayed dynamically in the Refine Your Search section. The system displays the products you search using the Search box, Refine Your Search, and Browse Catalog feature collectively.

Proposal Locations are defined to differentiate the products as per your customer locations. Depending on the Account and Proposal Locations defined for your Quote/Proposal, the system displays products on the catalog page:

  • If no account is selected on Quote/Proposal, the system does not filter any product.

  • If an account is associated with your Quote/Proposal, the system return displays account locations (in the drop-down list) that are associated to the Account.

  • If no proposal locations are defined, the system filters the products based on the account (previous 2 points).

  • If you have defined proposal locations on your Quote/Proposal, the system displays only proposal locations in the drop-down list.

  • If you add a product to the cart after you defined a location, any product that is auto-included through a constraint rule inherits the location you defined for the condition product.

You can further filter the product list by selecting the filter values from the Refine Your Search section. These filter fields change dynamically based on your Category and Search to further filter the products.

If you perform another search again, all your previous search selections are reset.

The product is added to the Selected Products panel on the right. If a product is configurable, you can configure a product with multiple options or attributes.