The Split feature allows you to clone a service with some or all related line items using in the Service Cart. The Split feature is available only at the service bundle level. You can clone the service to discount or negotiate various equipment items differently. This feature splits the related line items based on the split criteria defined by the administrator.

In many scenarios, Sales Representatives belonging to a specific region have identical needs for negotiation. However, there may be scenarios where the Sales Representatives may not want to break the service line.


The split criteria must be defined in the Service Line Split Criteria setting in Config System Properties. You can define split criteria that apply globally or create split criteria for a specific flow. In case the split criteria is defined for a specific flow, the Split button is not displayed in other flows. For more information, see Defining Service Line Split Criteria.

To split related line items from services

Perform the following steps to split a related line item from a service:

  1. On the Service Cart page, hover the mouse on the service bundle, click the more icon () and select Related Line Items.
  2. Click Split
  3. Select one or more criteria and click Split.

After you click Split, the service is cloned. The related line items are removed from the original service and associated to the cloned service based on the split criteria. The price is recalculated based on the related line items associated with the service.