The Price for each Cost Type is defined in an Excel App. You have to replicate the Cost Model, defining various Cost Types and their pricing with the help of X-Author Designer. When you click Configure button on the Quote/Proposal, pricing data from this app is fetched and shown for analysis.

To get started, you will need to Install X-Author and Designer and Runtime packages.

App Setup

Install the following packages:

  • X-Author for Excel (3.25 or higher)
  • Apttus X-Author™ For Excel Document Generation (1.0)
  • Apttus Document Generation (1.5)
  • X-Author Designer for Excel

Getting Started

  1. In your Salesforce org, create a Cost Model and add Cost Types.
  2. Open X-Author Designer and create a pricing app.
  3. For information on how to create an app, see Creating Apps with Quick Apps.
  4. Ensure the Cost Type Label and Cost ID matches with the Cost Names specified in the org.
  5. On the App, add Parent Code (from the Salesforce URL) for the child Cost Items.
  6. Validate and Save the App.
    Go to your Salesforce org and access Apps tab to see your app.
  7. Edit the app and select Activated to activate it.
  8. Create a Price List and associate it with the Cost Model.
  9. In order to run this App while configuring products, pass the App Id in the ‘prestoAppId’ field in the following formula.

    "IF ( LEN( Apttus_QPConfig__PriceListId__c ) > 0, HYPERLINK("/apex/Apttus_QPConfig__ProposalConfiguration?id=" &Id
    IMAGE("/resource/Apttus_QPConfig__Button_Configure", "Configure Products"),"_self"), NULL)"
  10. Go to + (All Tabs) > Apps, open your app and copy the App Id from the URL.
  11. Create a Quote, add the product to the cart and click Reprice. To see the price breakdown Click Analyze Quote button.