After the Sales rep saves the favorite configurations, as an admin, you can view these favorite configurations collectively under a Price List. The favorite configurations are always linked to the Price List and after you associate this Price List to your Quote/Proposal, a separate category, named Favorites, containing your favorite configurations is displayed on the Catalog page.

You can do the following customizations on favorite configurations:

  • Associate an image
  • Customize the label of your favorite category
  • Customize the fields that should be displayed to the sales reps on the catalog page
  • Customize the columns to be displayed on the Save as My Fav dialog box on the cart.
  • Disable the favorite configuration related UI elements.

For more details, see Configuring Favorite Settings.

The Publish button on your favorite configuration record allows you to publish a favorite configuration record to another price list. This is useful when you want to use the same configuration records across a number of price lists.

Ensure that you have configured Configuring Lookup Field Settings with the values as described in the image below before publishing your favorites to another price list.