A Product in CPQ terminology is a product or service that can be set up to be sold on its own as a standalone product or options of other products. Products or services are set up as standalone, bundle, or options of other products. You can associate a product to a category or a price list. If you created an option product, you must first associate it with an option group.

  • Standalone - This is an individual product that can be sold on its own.
  • Bundle - Any product that has other products (options or bundles) associated with it.
  • Options - This is a product that can be sold with a bundle product only through an option group.

To create a product

  1. On App Menu, click Conga CPQ Admin and then click the CPQ Admin tab. The new admin console is launched.
  2. On the Products menu, click Manage Products. Click New Product. The product details page is displayed. Details tab opens by default.
  3. Enter the following product information, as required.

    Product Name Enter a name for the product.
    Product CodeThe Product Code can be an internal code or a product number to identify the product within your organization.
    Product FamilyEnter a Product Family to categorize the products. If the required Product Family is not displayed in the list, you must add a picklist value in the Product Family field on the Product object. For more information refer to Configuring Product Families.
    UomSelect a unit of measurement.
    Product DescriptionEnter a description of the product. This description is displayed when the user clicks the product name on the catalog page.
    Disable Bundle Expansion

    Select this checkbox to disable the expansion of the bundle or a sub-bundle on the Cart page. This does not allow the Sales Rep to expand the bundle to view the options and secondary line items. If you only disable the expansion of a sub-bundle, the Sales Rep can still expand the parent bundle.

    You must create this field in the Product object. The checkbox is only considered if Configuration Type is Bundle and Has Options is selected. Otherwise, CPQ does not disable expansion.

    You must create this field on the Product object. Refer to Configuring Bundle Expansion on Cart Page.

    Configuration TypeSelect one of the following types of product:
    • Standalone
    • Bundle
    • Option
    This field is mandatory.
    Must ConfigureIndicates that the user has to configure a product to add options or attributes or both. The Configure button is the only option available on the Catalog page. When you select Must Configure, you must also select either Has Options, Has Attributes, or both. Clearing the checkbox allows an end user both the options; either add the product to cart directly or configure the product with attributes or options, or both.
    Has OptionsIndicates a product as a bundle that has options (bundles/options). You can associated options and option groups to the bundle on the Structure tab. Options and Options groups are not displayed on the Configuration page, is this disabled.
    Has AttributesIndicates that the product has attributes associated to it. During the quote creation process, the end user can enter values for those attributes. Using the product attributes administration tool, you can associate product attributes to products.
    ActiveIndicates the product is active. The Product is not displayed on the Catalog page if this setting is not selected.
    Product TypeSelect a type of product. For example, Equipment, Service, and so on.
    Has Search AttributesIndicates that the product has search attributes and is useful for searching related products based on product attribute values.
    Renewal Lead Time

    Enter a value when the renewal quote must be created for this product after an order is activated and asset is generated.

    By default, the value is 0, which indicates that the renewal quote is created immediately after the order is activated, with the same number of Line Items in the order. If you specify 30, the renewal quote is created 30 days before the Asset End Date.

    The fields on the details page are customizable. For more information refer to the Navigating the CPQ Admin User Interface topic.

  4. Click Save.

A product is created and saved.