The Quick Quote feature allows you to create a simple quote from opportunity in fewer clicks. You can directly go to the Catalog page from Opportunity, configure products, and finalize the cart without having to create a proposal in turn reducing the number of clicks. Quick Quote feature is especially meant for creating budgetary quotes where you can begin the quoting process by populating the quote header with limited values.

After you complete the configuration on the Quick Quote you created from the opportunity, you are redirected to the Quote detail page. 

When you create a quick quote, the following fields are populated based on the button's URL:

  • Opportunity ID
  • Price List
  • Account
  • Expected Start Date
  • Expected End Date

The proposal name is set the same as the opportunity name. In addition to that, the custom fields that are common between both opportunity and quote are also populated, these custom fields are defined with the same API name.

The administrator must create the Create Quick Quote button, refer to Configuring Quick Quote Mode.

To create a quick quote

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities tab, select an existing opportunity, and click Create Quick Quote. The Catalog page is displayed with products from the price list associated with that opportunity.
  2. Search and configure products, add them to the cart, and finalize the cart.

After you finalize the cart, you are redirected to the Quote Details page of the quote created when you click Create Quick Quote. You are also redirected to the Quote Details page if you save, abandon, or close the cart. Your quote is ready using the Quick Quote mode.