Synchronization ensures that both the Quote/Proposal and Opportunity accurately reflect the current state of the Quote. A best practice for sales pipeline reports and forecasts in Salesforce is to display the amount of revenue and the products or services that are forecasted to be sold.

Salesforce provides forecast reports that drive off of the amount of the Opportunity and the associated Opportunity product records. Opportunity products are stored in a standard Salesforce object and represent the line items for an Opportunity. When using Salesforce without Conga, products are added to the opportunity manually or by synching with a standard Salesforce Quote record.

CPQ can synchronize Proposal Line Items from a Quote Proposal to the related Opportunity. This action updates the Opportunity Amount and maintains accuracy between the Quote/ Proposal and the Opportunity, both on the record and in reports. This is especially important if you have configured sales reports using Opportunities with Products. With Conga, they can continue to use these reports and the deep functionality that CPQ provides.

When a Quote/Proposal is synced with an Opportunity, the Proposal Line Item records are copied to the Opportunity Products related list. The Amount of the Opportunity will reflect the summed total of the opportunity products. The Sales Price field on the Opportunity Product record is populated by the Proposal Line Item.Net Price field.

While a quote/proposal and an opportunity are synced, any addition or change to the list of products in the quote/proposal syncs with the list of products in the Opportunity.

If a quote/proposal is re-configured and the shopping cart is finalized, the new proposal line items will be copied to the opportunity’s product related list.

  • Assigning the Default Pricebook
    A Pricebook is the standard Salesforce version of a price list or container of products and pricing. In CPQ, the Price List object is used as a pricing container. Standard Salesforce synchronization requires that a Salesforce Pricebook is assigned to the Opportunity to enable synchronization between Quote and Opportunity.
  • Marking Quotes as Primary
    An opportunity can have multiple quotes, but it can only sync with one quote at a time. The sync process looks for Quote/Proposal records where the Primary field is marked as true.
  • About Auto Sync and Manual Sync
    The Synchronize with Opportunity action button is visible on a Quote/Proposal that is marked as Primary.