The following table lists changes in the documentation to support each release.

Winter '20

All topics.Updated topics to reflect rebrand from Apttus-Dynamics 365 Connector to Conga-Dynamics 365 Connector.
About this Administrator GuideUpdated topic to reflect changes to sync scheduling.
About Conga-Dynamics 365 Data SyncUpdated connector flow diagram.
Deploying the Connector
  • Added steps for activating Power Automate for sync scheduling.
  • Updated import screenshot.
  • Updated path for solution ZIP file.
Configuring Data Sync ConnectionsAdded steps for updating the Dynamics 365 connection with Power Automate Connection Id.
Setting up Sync GroupsUpdated topic to add descriptions for sync scheduler fields.

Appending Text to a Field Value

New topic.
Setting Up a Scheduler for Data SyncDeleted topic.
Data Sync FAQUpdated topic due to changes in some processes and features.
Winter 2019 Patch 10 (Rev. E)Deploying the ConnectorUpdated topic to reflect changes to the connector deployment process in Dynamics.
Winter 2019 Patch 10 (Rev. D)All topicsUpdated topics to reflect label changes in the Data Sync connector UI.
Winter 2019 (Rev. C)

All topicsRenamed document. Updated topic.
About Conga-Dynamics 365 Data SyncRenamed and updated topic.
Deploying the ConnectorUpdated topic.
Configuring Data Sync ConnectionsUpdated topic.
Setting up Sync GroupsUpdated topic.
Exporting and Importing ConfigurationsUpdated topic.
Viewing Data Sync Run HistoryUpdated topic.
AppendicesUpdated topic.
Data Sync FAQUpdated topic.
Known LimitationsUpdated topic.
Winter 2019 (Rev. B)Data Sync FAQUpdated topic to reflect changes to on-premise Dynamics support.
Winter 2019 (Rev. A)Data Sync FAQUpdated FAQ.
Winter 2019

All topicsNew guide.