Once you have organized and configured your Conga Grid, you can save that view for later use or share it with others. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to Save and click Save View As. The Save View As screen appears.
  2. Enter a View Name.
  3. From the Privacy drop-down list, select Public or Public Read Only. You cannot set default views to Private. See Privacy Settings for Views.
  4. Select the Default check box if you want this view to be the default view. A default view is the first view you see in Conga Grid when you access a Salesforce object or when you click the Reset button.
  5. (Optional). Enter a Description for the view.
  6. Select whether or not to enable Inline Edit Mode, the Reading Pane, and the Toolbar in this view.

  7. Click OK.


If you are not the owner of the current view and you modify the view and click the Save button, it will only save edits you made to your data. It will not save any changes you made to the view. Be sure to click the drop-down arrow next to Save and select Save View to retain any changes you made to a view.

You can also save a view by expanding the Toolbar item in the Configure menu and clicking the Save View link.