To enable Conga CLM to use Max APIs, developers must provide an API token and an API URL in the intelligent discovery settings as described in Configuring Intelligent Discovery Settings in CLM for Administrators


Enter https://{​​​​​URL}​​​​​/api/v1/{​​​​​tenant}​​​​​/ichronos in the intelligent discovery settings, where {URL} is the URL of the Max tenant's Salesforce instance and {tenant} is the tenant name. 

API Token

To generate the API token,

  1. Log in to your Azure portal. 
  2. Navigate to your key vault. Click Create/Generate
  3. Enter values for:

    Upload OptionsManual

    Enter name in the following format:

    MAX-API-Secret-<Tenant Name>

    ValueEnter the value returned by admin/apikey API
  4. Click Create. 
  5. Navigate to your key vault and select your resource. 
  6. Click Show Secrets. 
  7. Copy the API key to the API Key field of the intelligent discovery settings.