For each conversation you enable, you can configure how Max displays fields on the cards as part of the query response. For each field, you can:

  • Change the display label 
  • Set the lookup field
  • Select the display card

Max displays the standard Salesforce fields that that are available for you to add to Max display cards for the conversation.

To Configure Display Fields

  1. Select your conversation from the conversation dropdown menu. 
  2. Select a field to configure from the available fields. You can:
    • Change the display label

    • Select the lookup field

      For custom fields, the lookup field can only be the ID of the parent object.

    • Select the display card. You can set it to:
      • Yes, Primary: If you select this option, the field is available in the primary card Max displays in response to the lookup query.

        You can only display ten primary fields at a time.

      • Yes, View more details: If you select this option, the field is visible when the user clicks View More Details
      • No: Select this option to remove the field from the display.

        For header fields, you can only change the display labels. You cannot edit the lookup field or change the display card settings.
  3. To add a field, select the field's API name from the dropdown menu, set the display label and lookup field, select the display card, and click .
  4. Select another conversational flow from the Conversation dropdown menu. Click Save.
  5. Repeat this procedure for all conversations.
  6. Click Save and Next.

You can now define synonyms to customize your conversations with Max. For more information, see Defining Synonyms.