The Max Admin Console is an interface for a Max administrator to launch the Max chatbot. With Max Admin Console, you can customize Max's responses according to your business needs.  

Max Connected App

A connected app is required to access Max outside the Salesforce platform. Within your Salesforce org, you do not have to create a connected app to access embedded Max.

Creating a connected app is a prerequisite to launching Max with the Admin Console. To launch Max using the Admin Console, you must enter your connected app's consumer key and consumer secret. 

To create a connected app, see the Salesforce documentation on creating a connected app. 

It's a good idea to name the connected app "Max".

When you create a connected app, make sure:

  • Enable OAuth Settings is set to true.
  • Selected OAuth Scopes is set thus:

To access Max outside Salesforce, enter the OAuth Callback URL in the Callback URL field under the API section in the Max Admin Console.

Launching Max

Launching a chatbot is a one-time activity. 

To access Max Admin Console, click More Menu → Max Admin Console in your Salesforce Org. 

If the Max Admin Console tab is not available in your Salesforce org, get in touch with your Conga Contact. 

To configure the Max chatbot:

  1. Set up basic configurations
  2. Enable conversations
  3. Configure display cards