You must configure the fields that should appear in the document's Details panel.

This configuration is only required for Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce). 

The following screenshot displays the Details panel in the OCC document:

To configure sidebar fields

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Code > Custom Metadata Types.
  2. Click Manage Records for Sidebar Fields to Display.
  3. Click New.
  4. Enter the following details:
    1. Label: Enter a label name.
    2. Sidebar Fields to Display: Auto-populated by label.
    3. Field Configuration: Enter the API and field names that to be displayed in the Details panel.

      Sample: {
      "APXT_Redlining__Contract_Agreement__c": [
      "includeLink": true,
      "label": "Account",
      "soqlQuery": "APXT_Redlining__Account__r.Name"
      "label": "Status",
      "soqlQuery": "APXT_Redlining__Status__c"
      "includeLink": true,
      "label": "Owner",
      "soqlQuery": "Owner.Name"
    4. Click Save.