You must configure the Documents tab in Lightning to view the documents and options for Online Contract Collaboration. You can also restrict the Online Contract Collaboration feature to be available for particular record types.

You can disable the Delete button on the Documents tab for selected user profiles to prevent the deletion of documents.

To configure the Documents tab

  1. Navigate to the Agreement Detail page.
  2. Click the Setup icon and select the Edit Object option.
    This displays the Agreement Object page.

    To restrict Online Contract Collaboration users only to certain record types:

    1. Navigate to an agreement that contains the desired record type.
    2. Click the Setup icon and select the Edit Page option.
    3. Follow steps 3–13, below.
  3. Click Lightning Record PagesAgreement Record Page.
    This displays the Lightning Page Detail page.
  4. Click Edit.
    This displays the Agreement Record page.
  5. In the layout, click the Details tab.
    This displays a tabs component in the right panel.
  6. Click the Add Tab button.
    This adds another Details tab to the layout.
  7.  In the tabs component, select the newly added Details tab.
  8. Select Custom from the Tab label.
    This displays the Custom Label text field.
  9. Enter Documents in the Custom Label field.
  10. Click the Documents tab in the layout.
  11. In the left panel, search for Agreement Documents.
  12. Drag Agreement Documents from the left panel and drop it in the Add Component(s) here section.
    This displays all documents available in the agreement.
  13. Click Save.
    If you are configuring the page layout for the first time in your org, then you need to activate the page.

If you disable the Enable Online Contract Collaboration property, remove the Documents tab. Once configured, the Documents tab is displayed, irrespective of the collaboration property.

To disable the Delete button on the Documents tab

  1. Go to Setup > Users > Profiles.
  2. Select a user profile.
  3. Click Object Settings and then click Agreement Documents.
  4. Clear the Delete checkbox in the Object Permissions section.
    Users assigned to the selected user profile cannot see the Delete button on the Documents tab.