This configuration is not applicable for Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce).

Configure the Alternate Clauses tab in Lightning to view the alternate clauses in the clause templates detail page. 

To configure the alternate clause tab

  1. Navigate to the Clause's Template Detail page.
  2. Click the Setup icon and select the Edit Object option.
    This displays the Template Object page.

  3. Click Lightning Record Pages Template Page.
    This displays the Lightning Page Detail page.
  4. Click Edit.
    This displays the Template page.
  5. Click the Details tab in the layout.
    This displays a tabs component in the right panel.
  6. Click the Add Tab button.
    This adds another Details tab in the layout.
  7.  Select the newly added Details tab in the tabs component.
  8. Select Custom from the Tab Label.
    This displays the Custom Label text field.
  9. Enter Documents in the Custom Label field.
  10. Click the Documents tab in the layout.
  11. In the left panel, search for Alternate Clause.
  12. Drag Alternate Clause from the left panel and drop in the Add Component(s) here section.
    This displays all the documents available in the agreement.
  13. Click Save.