The following table lists the features in OCC and their availability in CLM and CLM (Contracts for Salesforce).

Feature/SettingCLMCLM (Contracts for Salesforce)
Edit documentYesYes
Add, edit, or delete commentsYesYes
View and reply to other user's commentsYesYes
Resolve and reopen commentsYesYes
Accept or reject changesYesYes
Different UI ModesYesOnly the Editing UI mode is available in Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce).
Configure OCC Access ModesYesNo
Smart DataYesYes
Clause LibraryYesNo
Alternate ClausesYesYes
Publishing DocumentsYesYou can only publish documents with redlines.
Download DocumentYesYes
Documents tab in LightningYesYes
Document action column in ClassicYesNo

For more information, see the relevant topics in the OCC documentation.