When you open a document in OCC, you can see a message at the top of the document that the formatting may be different in OCC and MS Word. You can select the Do not show this message again checkbox to stop seeing the message. The following screenshot shows the message that is displayed when you open a document in OCC.

When you open the same document in OCC and MS word, you can observe some differences in the content formatting style. The following table lists some of the formatting differences observed in MS Word and OCC.

ScenarioFormatting in MS WordFormatting in OCC

Some of the fonts in MS Word are displayed differently in OCC.

Bradley Hand ITC font.

Calibri font.

Custom or image bullets are displayed differently in MS Word and OCC. 

Page break links are displayed differently in MS Word and OCC. The page break link overrides the text in OCC. However, it is shown correctly in MS Word.