Clause approvals is a process by which you can send the modified or replaced clauses to approvers for action on the clause. To send the clause to the approvers, you must create a setup. Below are the prerequisites to create the setup for clause approvals:

To add clause approval as a context object to an Approval custom config

  1. Go to Setup > Custom Setting.
  2. In the Label column, click Approvals Custom Config.
    The Approvals Custom Config window opens, showing Custom Setting Definition Detail.
  3. Click Manage.
  4. Click New.
    Approvals Custom Config Edit window opens.
  5. In the Name field, enter Apttus__ClauseApproval__c.
  6. In the Approval Status field, enter Apttus__ApprovalStatus__c.
  7. Make sure the Approval Context Type is Single.
  8. Click Save.

To configure approval object

You must add Clause Approval and Apttus__ClauseApproval__c picklist values to the Object Label, Object Type, and Business Object fields.

  1. Go to Setup > Object manager.
    Custom Objects window opens.
  2. For each picklist value, click the required Objects, Field Label, and Values. Enter the required value in the Add Picklist Values Object Label window. In the Record Type Name select the required checkbox.

    For picklist valueObjectsField labelValues fieldPicklist value to be entered in the windowSelect checkbox
    Clause ApprovalApproval ProcessObject LabelNewClause ApprovalApproval process
    Apttus__ClauseApproval__cApproval ProcessObject TypeNewApttus__ClauseApproval__cApproval process
    Apttus__ClauseApproval__cApproval RuleBusiness ObjectNewApttus__ClauseApproval__cNA
    Apttus__ClauseApproval__cSearch Filter (Approvals)Business ObjectNewApttus__ClauseApproval__cNA
    Apttus__ClauseApproval__cFormula Field (Approvals)Business ObjectNewApttus__ClauseApproval__cNA

You can also create setup formula fields for Formula Field (Approvals). For more information, see Setting Up Approvals.