A Step is an individual step in a process. Collectively, these steps drive the process to completion. At each step, you define what happens (create a record, send an email, or generate a document), who is responsible, and when it is due. Each step is related to one Process Definition.

A Step can be one of several types:

For more information on Process Steps, refer to:

As you choose the various Step Types in the picklist, the Step Edit page will update to show the applicable, editable fields for the chosen type.

The following additional options can be added to a Create Record step to manage status:

Deactivating a Step 

All the steps that you create are activated by default. You can also deactivate a specific step. If you deactivate a step, Conga Orchestrate will not execute the step and all of its children.

To deactivate a step, set Deactivate Step as true when you create or edit a step. Deactivated steps are depicted as a white box in the Definition and Process Visual pages.