Create a Definition that automatically generates a document after completing Clause steps. This allows users to automate Clause selection and the creation of a contract document that includes the selected Clauses.

To create a Definition that generates a document after completing Clause steps:

  1. Navigate to the existing Definition or create a new Definition.
  2. Create a new Stage for the Clause Bundle steps.
  3. Click New Stage Step on the stage.
  4. Change the Step Type field value to Clause.
  5. Begin typing the desired Clause name in the Clause field and select the Clause.
  6. Enter a numeric value in the Sort Order field.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat Steps 3 - 7 for each Clause needed.
    Note: Each Clause for the contract document requires its own Clause step.
  9. Navigate back to the stage and Click New Stage Child Step.
  10. Change the Step Type field's value to the Generate Document.
  11. Fill out the required Step Name field and customize the Generate Document step by selecting field values for the Application, Source, and Merge Template fields.
    Note: For more information on the Generate Document step, see Creating a Step that Generates a Document
  12. Click Save.