After your administrator has created cart views in the CPQ Admin Console, as an end user, you can select fields of your choice to be displayed on the cart details page. The Edit Layout action button enables you to configure fields on the cart details page in real-time. Clicking the Edit Layout button lists all the fields made available by your administrator. The list of fields displayed is derived from the fields you selected on the Cart Lines Columns tab in CPQ Admin console. The selected fields are the one's you selected in your user view on the Cart Views tab. The sequence of the fields in the Edit Layout list is derived from the sequence set by your administrator.

You can select the fields that you want to see for line items on the cart details page. These fields are displayed in the line item in the same sequence as selected in the Edit Layout list.


Digital Commerce supports all the fields on the cart page as supported in earlier releases. Pricing Frequency, Price Type, Selling Term, Start Date, End Date, and Quantity out of which only Start Date, End Date, and Quantity can be set as editable.

As per design, the first three fields are displayed just below the product information. If there are more than three fields, the remaining fields are displayed under the Additional Information expandable accordion except charge line items. For charge line items all the fields are displayed below the product information.

All the selections are applied to primary line items as well as charge line items. The sequence of the fields change based on the selection in the Edit Layout list. For example, you remove Selling Term, Start Date moves up in sequence. The selected fields apply to all the line items on the cart details page.

There is no limit to the number of fields that can be displayed. For better performance, up to 50 fields is recommended.