You can see the cart details after logging into the application. The Carts home page or My Carts page lists all carts that you have created for the selected account. The cart list shows the carts with the following details:

  • Configuration Name
  • Created Date
  • Number of Items
  • Is Active
  • Total Amount
  • Status

From the My Carts page, you can:

  • Create a cart: You can create a cart by clicking New Cart.
  • Search a cart: You can search for the cart to refine the cart list. Enter a keyword related to the configuration name. It displays all carts that contain that keyword.
  • Delete a cart: Select a particular cart from the list and then:

   Click the more  icon > select Delete option.


          Select a particular cart from the list > click the delete  icon.

  • Set a cart as active: Select a particular cart from the list > click the more  icon > select the Is Active option to make that cart as a primary cart. The active cart is highlighted with a green color.
  • Sort the cart list: You can sort the cart list by clicking the column names.
  • Set pagination: You can set how many carts to be displayed on a single page. To set pagination, go to per page field on the top right bar and select the value from 10, 20, 30, and 40 carts per page.

Performing Asset Based Ordering actions for Installed Products on the Cart page

You can perform all the Asset Based Ordering action (Renew, Terminate, Buy More, and Change Configuration) for installed products on the Cart page.

You cannot perform Asset Based Ordering (ABO) actions on Onetime products. By default, ABO actions are disabled for Onetime Products. You can perform only Buy More action for the Onetime products.

Mini Cart

While navigating the catalog, at any time if you want to quickly view your selected products, click the mini cart icon on the top right of the storefront. The mini cart appears.

From the mini cart, you can:

View Cart

Click the cart icon on the top right of the storefront and then click the View Cart button to view the full cart. You can do one or more of the following from the full cart:

  • View the complete list of selected products
  • Change quantities
  • Change Start Date and End Date for Subscriptions
  • Delete Items
  • Navigate to the Product Details page
  • View product summary/totals
  • Update price
  • View configuration details
  • Minimum and Maximum validation of Options for Option Groups
  • Minimum and Maximum validation of Product Quantity