This section describes how Partner Commerce works and how partners can quickly select products and checkout on behalf of the end customer, all the time having a seamless experience.



What's Covered

This section is designed to provide users with information on features and related user interactions to be consumed within Partner Commerce. This section covers the most common use cases for users and assumes a level of familiarity with basic Salesforce.

Primary AudiencePartner users of an organization who want to place orders on behalf of end customers of the same organization.
IT Environment

For information pertaining to the requirements and recommendations, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms Matrix.


For a comprehensive list of updates for each release, see What's New in Partner Commerce Documentation.

Other Resources

This section describes the following tasks: 

  • General Administration
  • Selecting Account for which the order is to be placed
  • Browsing Catalog
  • Managing Assets
  • Product Configuration
  • Applying Promotions
  • Managing and checking out the cart
  • Creating the draft order
  • Generating the draft order document and presenting the same to the end customer
  • Confirming the order

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