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Mail Merge holds a special place in the hearts of all of us. It was the original product that brought about the creation of our company and Conga Composer. As times change and other products are created, it is important for us to consider which products to continue supporting and which to make the tough decision to retire.

After many years of a successful Mail Merge product in the market, we have decided to officially retire the Mail Merge product. As with any product end-of-life, this decision was thoroughly vetted and determined to be the best move forward for Conga, our customers, and our partners.

Who does this impact?

This impacts all the existing Conga Composer customers who are utilizing the Mail Merge product (which is an add-on to Conga Composer).

Why have we made this decision?

As of June 2021, Mail Merge is no longer compatible with browser security introduced into Google Chrome v91 and Microsoft Edge. These browser security settings, which cannot be changed, make Mail Merge in its current form inoperable. We expect other browsers to quickly follow suit. A cost/benefit analysis of updating the product resulted in the decision to retire it. 

When is Mail Merge being retired? 

The product retirement is effective immediately. For customers already using Mail Merge, it is currently inoperable using Google Chrome v91 and Microsoft Edge. It will remain operable for customers using other browsers but the timing for when those browsers change (thus rendering it inoperable) is unknown and out of our control.

As of August 13, 2021, Mail Merge in Salesforce Classic works with Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers because they have not made the same security updates as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have made. Conga does not know how long those browsers will be useful as a workaround.

We are not shutting down the infrastructure; however, customer browsers may impact access to the product. We will communicate when the product is fully turned off.

What is the alternative to Mail Merge? And What else may be different for you?

Conga Composer + Batch provides similar functionality to Mail Merge. To ensure your success and business continuity, we suggest existing Mail Merge customers transition to Conga Composer + Batch solution as soon as possible.

While Conga Batch does not have the same functionality as Mail Merge, you will still be able to use it for the same use cases you use Mail Merge for currently. You will need to use Salesforce reports or queries to identify the Salesforce fields to be merged into the document. Complete documentation for our Conga Composer and Conga Batch products exists on the Conga Documentation site.

For more information on how to choose between Conga Global Merge or Conga Batch as your document automation tool and which scenarios suit each tool, review the Global Merge or Conga Batch course.

What else you need to know:

Customer Migration

We have sample templates for letters, labels, and envelopes that you can use to create your own, which can be found here. You will also need to create Composer solutions from the objects you’re merging data from. There is also the option to create a Global Merge and execute it from Batch. We have detailed documentation on our Conga Documentation site.

For more information on how to choose between Conga Global Merge or Conga Batch as your document automation tool and which scenarios suit each tool, review the Global Merge or Conga Batch course.

Access to Conga Batch

Conga Batch can be installed in orgs where Conga Composer is installed. Conga Batch install links are available on our Conga Documentation site here: Conga Batch Install Links

Pricing for Conga Batch

Conga Batch is a paid-for product. You can work directly with Conga customer success or your account executive on Batch pricing.


Mail Merge product support is ended effective immediately. Mail Merge was removed from Conga’s Tier 1 supported list of products in the Summer of 2020.

Additional Questions?

Reach out to our technical support team.

Thanks so much,  

The Conga Product Team