Q: How long does it take for the next scheduled data sync to complete?

A: This depends on the frequency and the volume of data being completed. The delay between syncs will always be based on the scheduled frequency plus the amount of time to sync the data.

Q: When I delete a field, reference, or object in Sync Settings, is the same data deleted from the consumer endpoint?

A: When you delete a field, reference, or object in Sync Settings, it is no longer enabled for sync. This has no effect on the data at the consumer endpoint other than that any new data for that field or object will no longer be synced.


Q: I have already added an object in sync settings but I want to add one or more fields? How can I be sure that the field will be synced the next time the sync is run?

A: Use the "Manage" feature for an object in sync settings to add additional fields or reference and child fields to the object and save. The next time the sync is run, existing data for those fields are synced to the consumer endpoint.

Q: Can I set up email notifications to send an email to the administrator when a sync completes successfully?

A: No. Email notifications are only sent on partial success or failure of a sync.

Q: As an end-user, I have changed the data and I want to quote the same in Turbo immediately?

A: No. Please check your data sync scheduler. You must complete the sync before using the Turbo functionality for quoting.