The following known issues apply to TurboEngines Data Sync up to the current release. Please contact Conga Technical Support with any additional questions:

Data sync only supports up to eight levels in a cross-object formula field. Any levels beyond eight will be ignored.

Assumptions: Some objects exist in the list of objects to add that do not support Salesforce "PK chunking" for bulk data queries.

Scenario: Some SFDC out-of-the-box objects in the "Add Objects" list under Sync Settings could cause the data sync to fail if they are added to the consumer profile. There is no effect on custom objects (Conga and customer-specific) as they all support "PK chunking."

Workaround: As a workaround Conga can add objects as they are needed from the back end. Please contact Conga Technical Support if you have any questions regarding this limitation.

Assumptions: Changes are made to the data model for a consumer profile object in SFDC.

Scenario: When a field or related field of an object that is part of a consumer profile is removed, data sync will mark that field as inactive. If it is added back again with the same name, the status of the field remains inactive.

Workaround: Contact Conga Technical Support.