You can verify the JWT flow settings and access level on a Connected App by invoking the following APIs.





Trigger this API to verify the response for validate and jwtAuthFeatureFlagEnabled elements. If the response is true, then the validation is successful and JWT Authorization is enabled. 

  "configuredSFDCUrl": "https://someURL",
  "sfdcUrlFromToken": "https://someURL",
  "oAuthUrl": "https://someURL/services/oauth2/token",
  "userId": "someUserID",
  "clientId": "someText”
  "clientSecret": “someText ",
  "password": "****@**",
  "validate": true,
  "isInstanceUrlMatches": true,
  "rsaPrivateKey": "",
  "featureFlagInitlized": true,
  "jwtAuthFeatureFlagEnabled": true //feature flag



Trigger this API and verify the response, the status of SFDC_TOKEN_GENERATION and CERT_LOCATION_CHECK elements must be displayed as success. 



Trigger this API and copy the validation Id (guId) from the response. 


Trigger this API by passing validation id copied in step 3.

  • If the validation is successful, the JWT flow settings are working as intended.
  • If you find any difference in the result, you need to assign more privileged profiles or permission sets to a Connected App as required. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until validation success. Contact Conga TS if you encounter any issue in providing access.