You can enable a simple or complex object for Push-based sync. This takes advantage of PushTopic Events in Salesforce that notify the data sync service when one or more records have been created, updated, or deleted, or when changes have been made to a record based on a specific PushTopic query. When you enable an object for PushTopic sync, any time activity in Salesforce meets the criteria for a PushTopic Event, the corresponding object and its data will be synced for the applicable consumer profile.

To enable an object for PushTopic sync

  1. Go to the Sync Settings page.
  2. From the list of objects, search for the object you want to enable for PushTopic sync.
  3. Select the drop-down at the end of the row (  ) and click Enable Push Based Sync. The Enable/Disable Push Based Sync dialog is displayed.
  4. Click the Push Based Sync toggle to enable or disable the object for Push Based Sync. 
  5. Click Submit. The list of objects is updated and indicates the object's status under the Push Based Sync column. If enabled, the next time a PushTopic Event occurs, sync profile data is synced for Push Based Sync enabled objects.

Due to limitations imposed by Salesforce you cannot enable more than 50 objects for Push Based Sync. Please be aware of the following:

  • This is applicable across all consumer profiles. Meaning that any objects marked for Push Based Sync contribute to the overall limit.
  • For objects marked for Push Based Sync in multiple consumer profiles, the object only counts once towards the maximum.
  • For complex objects any child or reference objects also marked for Push Based Sync will be counted towards the maximum. 

In addition, if you exceed the Salesforce limit for PushTopic events in a 24-hour period (this is determined by your Salesforce edition — see link below) any objects marked for Push Based Sync will sync only as scheduled in the Data Sync Admin. After the 24-hour period expires (measured 24 hours from the initial PushTopic Event) Push Based Sync will resume until the limit is reached again.

For more information on Salesforce PushTopic Events, refer to the following documentation: