An FX2 template in Salesforce can be checked out for editing by clicking Check-Out. Once you click Check-Out, you will see a browser-based form that loads the browsing of templates Visualforce page. The user can search according to various parameters and choose a template to open in Microsoft Word. This process is the same for the pre-existing Template format and the FX2 Template format.

To check out an FX2 Template

  1. Select the X-Author Templates ribbon tab and click Check-Out.
  2. In the Checkout window, select the template Type you want to work on and enter any other search criteria and click .
    The Templates list displays the templates that match the criteria.
  3. Click Open for the required template.

The template is opened in Microsoft Word. X-Author Contracts automatically detects the document type, Template format - pre-existing or FX2 - and enables corresponding X-Author Templates ribbon tab. You can now work with the template, such as inserting merge fields, smart fields, and making content conditional. You can also use this pre-existing template as the basis for a new template by cloning it.