Place a cursor in the appropriate section of the document where an FX2 field is going to be inserted and select Insert Fields from the X-Author Templates ribbon tab. The Insert Fields dialog lists the objects and associated FX2 fields. Keep in mind the following points while inserting fields in a template.

  • You can insert a single field, multiple fields, a section, and fields as a table from the Insert Fields dialog box.
  • You can neither insert the fields of Related Agreement object, such as Relationship From Type and Relationship To Type in an agreement template nor mark these fields in a generated agreement document.
  • In the left column of the Insert Field page, you can select the field's object context, e.g. Agreement, and in the right column, you can select the object-qualified fields. The fields will be inserted in the same order you select them from the list.

You might view multiple instances of an object, but each of these objects has either a master-detail relationship or a lookup relationship with the parent object. For example, you might view 2 objects named Agreements when you click Insert Fields. One is the actual agreement object and second is the agreement object for EchoSign Integration with agreements and both these objects have a lookup relationship with the Agreement object.

To insert a field in a template

  1. In the X-Author Templates tab click Insert Field.
  2. In the Insert Field dialog box, select Agreement Fields in the left column and click the appropriate FX2 field(s) to insert into the agreement template. To deselect an FX2 field hold the Ctrl key and click the field name simultaneously.
  3. Click Finish to insert the selected fields or click Cancel to not insert any fields into the Template.

An inserted FX2 Template field looks like

To remove fields from templates

If you want to remove an inserted field from your template, X-Author allows you to remove fields cleanly using the Control Panel. This feature helps you avoid errors that may arise from manually deleting content controls from the Word document.

  1. From the X-Author Template ribbon, select Control Panel.
  2. Search for and select the field from the Control Panel Navigation pane.
  3. Right-click the field name and select Remove field.