X-Author Contracts is a Microsoft Word Add-In that adds two new ribbons/tabs to the application: X-Author Contracts and X-Author Templates. The installation process creates a folder on your computer containing the files required to use X-Author Contracts. The folder is created either in your Program Files or Program Files(x86) directory, depending on which Windows Operating System version you use.

For prerequisites, refer to Before You Install.

To install the X-Author Contracts Add-In

  1. Double-click the ApttusInstaller_<<version>>_.exe to display the InstallShield Wizard. In certain instances, a restart of Windows may be required. Click Yes to confirm the restart and once you log back into Windows, the installer should resume automatically.
  2. Click Next to start the wizard.
  3. On the License Agreement screen, select I accept... and then click Next. If you do not accept the terms of the agreement, X-Author Contracts will not be installed on your computer.
  4. Click Install to begin the installation process. If any components need to be installed for X-Author Contracts to work as expected, they will be automatically detected as missing and installed automatically.
  5. After X-Author Contracts and any required components have been installed, click Finish to close the wizard and complete the installation.

The X-Author Contracts and X-Author Templates ribbon tabs are available in Microsoft Word. If the ribbon tabs are not displayed, you may need to enable X-Author Contracts with Microsoft Word.