The Check-In dialog box includes the ability to associate a term exception with a template when it is checked in. This adds the term exception to the Term Exception field on the Template record and also adds an entry in the Sections/Clauses related list on the Term Exception for the template.


  • For using Term Exception, you must have version 7.0 or higher for both X-Author Contracts and Contract Management.

To reference a term exception while checking in

  1. From the X-Author Templates tab, click New to display an empty Word doc.
  2. Add content to the template and then click Check-in.
  3. In the Check-In Template dialog box, as you enter details for the template note that the Term Exception list remains empty, as long as no Agreement Types have been selected.
  4. Select one or more Agreement Types and the Term Exception list will be populated with term exceptions that have the same agreement type.
  5. Select a term exception and click Check-In.

The template record now has the term exception associated with it. If you edit the template in X-Author later and change the term exception associated with it, the Template record and the old and new Term Exception records will be updated accordingly.