The regenerate feature allows you to regenerate an agreement document from a selected template with the values updated in the agreement record (Contract Management). If you have made changes (redlines) to a generated document and need to merge those changes with the updates in the agreement record, you can regenerate the document. When you regenerate an agreement document, you must select the same template that you selected when the document was generated. If you select a different template while regenerating the document, redlines in the regenerated document are not retained. The regenerated document will contain the changes made in the agreement record. 

Regenerate with redlines retains redlines on smart clauses, non-smart clauses, modified plain text, added plain text, tables, and clauses inserted from the Playbook in the regenerated document. 


  • The Allow Regenerate From XAC custom setting must be enabled to view the Regenerate button. For more information on how to set the custom setting in Contract Management, refer to Comply System Property topic in Contract Management on Salesforce Administrator Guide.
  • You must check out the agreement document and acquire its lock to use regenerate.

To regenerate an agreement document

  1. Open an agreement in X-Author Contracts and click Regenerate. The Regenerate Agreement window appears.

  2. By default, the template that you had used to generate the document is selected. If you choose a different template, Retain redlines after regenerate option is disabled and redlines are not retained in the regenerated document.
  3. In the Regenerate Options section for Retain redlines after regenerate?, select Yes to retain redlines after regenerating the document or select No to regenerate the document without redlines.
  4. Click Submit.

The regenerated document opens in X-Author Contracts.

Behavior and Limitations

  • If a smart clause appears multiple times in the same agreement document, irrespective of whether it is a markup clause or inline clause, its content is skipped. This means in the final regenerated document, all the smart clauses will have the latest content.

  • If any clause contains a comment, regenerate does not work and the Microsoft Word application hangs.

  • The date picker is not available for date fields in the repeat section and repeat table after you check in the regenerated document with redlines. 
  • You are recommended to check in the document with redlines before regenerating the document as the clause entry does not get logged in the agreement clause list when you insert a clause as text in a document with redlines.

  • Microsoft Word does not display the smart boundary when you combine two documents in the following circumstances:
    • With clauses in the same position with similar content.
    • Add a new row to the repeat table in Contract Management before regeneration. 
  • You must convert a read-only clause to a smart clause to accept/reject all changes for a read-only clause. 
  • When you regenerate the document with redlines and reject all changes, the date, and currency field format is incorrectly displayed in the regenerated document. This happens when you update the smart fields in the repeat table and check in the generated document with redlines. You are recommended to check in the document after accepting/rejecting all changes and before performing any X-Author Contracts action.
  • When you regenerate the document with redlines from X-Author for Contracts 1.0, the logo on the first page (cover page) of the template is repeated in the regenerated document. You are recommended to delete the repeated logo manually and accept the changes.
  • When you regenerate the document with redlines from X-Author for Contracts 1.0 for the second time, the conditional text is incorrectly displayed in the regenerated document. 
  • When you regenerate the document with redlines from X-Author for Contracts 1.0, the merge fields are repeated in the regenerated document.