Set Segment allows the user to either set a segment conditional, style, or both. This includes conditionals from the expression builder for conditionals. This also includes built in Microsoft styles and custom styles.

Purpose for the Set Segment - Expression Builder Process:

  • Enables you to highlight content within a Template and then click Set Segment, which includes a picklist of additional options that enable you to either make the highlighted content Conditional or apply a Style to the highlighted content. If Conditional is chosen, the Expression Builder will open up.


  • Upon creating a New Template and choosing to utilize the new FX2 Template format, X-Author Contracts November 2016 has moved Make Segment > Dynamic from the February 2015 release to Insert Dynamic Section.
  • Segments are not supported in headers or footers in templates. 

Expression Builder

X-Author Contracts includes a very robust Expression Builder that you can use to define and build powerful expressions and expression condition rows, enabling conditional rendering or display of content in generated Agreements. The Expression Builder is fully integrated with the objects and fields in your Salesforce org.

The Expression Builder is a new way for users to interact with X-Author Contracts. The Expression Builder enables you to add conditionality in a simpler way than ever before.

  • Up to 9 rows of expression conditions can be used in a single expression for segments, clauses, sections, or tables at one time. From the Set Segment > Conditional button or from the individual selection of fields, section, tables in either the document or the navigation pane, and then by using the conditional section in the associated properties, the Expression Builder can be accessed from the top of Control Panel on individual clauses, tables and segments.
  • It can also be accessed at the bottom of the Control Panel or from the Set Segment in the X-Author Templates ribbon tab. Whenever a picklist or multi-picklist has been chosen, ellipses will appear at the end of the line to enable you to choose values for the field. The Expression Builder can apply filters to add different relationships between expressions.

Expression Builder Important Notes

  • The Expression Builder enables you to create expressions with up to 9 expression condition rows and apply filter logic that is similar to that in Salesforce. These expressions can be used for segments, sections, and tables.
  • The Expression Builder gives direct access to the parent object fields. Lookups are accessed through the ellipses in the middle of the Expression Builder.
  • You can add filter logic, similar to that in Salesforce. Ensure that you have included every added row within the Expression Builder inside the filter logic, or else you will be prompted with an error indicating that you have missed a row.
  • Clicking Finish will apply all included rows in the Expression Builder and applied filter logic to the selected or highlighted content in your Template.

You can perform a partial search with picklist values, but not with multi-picklist values.