X-Author and Merge Service can support resolving FX2 fields for nested child level items at the child and grandchild levels of an agreement or proposal.

With X-Author you can insert FX2 fields for child relationship objects that have a master/detail child relationship with the agreement and FX2 fields for a third level, the grandchild level objects with a lookup relationship to the original object that is a child object of the agreement.

X-Author supports either master/detail or lookup relationships at the child level, as well as lookup relationships from a grandchild that is related to the original agreement by its relationship to the child agreement. Only lookups at the grandchild or third level are possible.

X-Author supports inserting qualified FX2 fields for objects at both the child and grandchild levels. To summarize, X-Author has:

  • The ability to pick standard FX2 fields for object child and grandchild levels
  • The ability to pick lookup (qualified) FX2 fields for object child and grandchild levels
  • The ability to distinguish between lookups at parent, child, and grandchild levels
  • The ability to insert section tags to denote nested child/grandchild levels
  • The ability to insert lookup fields in tables and sections
  • The ability to insert conditions in tables and sections
  • Backward compatibility with pre-existing templates

What this means is you can have Related Lists for Service Plan level information for an agreement, and then easily insert FX2 fields for this information into your templates. You can then define another object, say Service Plan Devices, which is related to a Service Plan by a lookup relationship, and then define merge fields for the agreement service plan devices that can be repeated for each agreement service plan.

The mechanism to support the features described above involves adding section tags to support defining an area to the Merge Service so it can interpret line item merge fields within a section as being grandchildren of the object whose scope enclosed the original section tags.

Although in the FX2 Template format, your inserted FX2 fields will not display mergecode; rather, these fields will display the name of the fields in boxes. The support for nested child level FX2 fields is the same as inserting merge fields into the pre-existing Template format. See: Support for Nested Child Level Merge Fields.