X-Author Contracts now uses a brand new format, FX2, within the entire X-Author Contracts and X-Author Templates ribbon tab functionality.

The new FX2 format is a second-generation format framework within X-Author Contracts. You can create a new Template that uses this new framework by selecting FX2 format option in New Template page in the X-Author Templates ribbon tab. FX2 Templates are more advanced than the pre-existing format for Templates, which enables you to create a more desirable layout and design.

Template Versioning makes notable changes to Template Management and check-in/check-out screens in X-Author. Follow the link given below for Template Versioning if you have Template Versioning enabled in your org. If, when creating a new Template, you choose not to create an FX2 Template, you can select No in the New Template dialog box.


  • Depending on a Template's format you open up in either X-Author Contracts or X-Author Templates, the corresponding version of either ribbon will open to match the correct Template format. For example, if you check out a Template in the pre-existing Template format, the pre-existing X-Author Templates ribbon tab will display the usual options.
  • You cannot migrate Templates from the pre-existing format to the new FX2 Template format.