A Read-only clause is a noneditable clause marked as read-only in a template to restrict a user from editing the clause after a document is generated. When you generate an agreement document using a template containing read-only clauses, you cannot edit the read-only clauses in the generated document. You can use the Unlock Clause option to unlock read-only clauses in an agreement document if required permissions are enabled for your user profile. Clicking Unlock Clause scans the entire document and unlocks the read-only clauses present in the document. When you use the Update from Salesforce feature, the read-only clauses are not updated.

You can delete a read-only clause when:

  • You have required permissions for your user profile. 
  • The Unlock Smart Element comply system property is enabled.

Your system administrator defines custom permissions to provide access to the Unlock Clause button. If you are unable to access this button, contact your system administrator. For more information, see Assigning Custom Permissions to User Profiles topic in Contract management on Salesforce Administrator Guide.

To unlock a read-only clause

  1. Check-out the agreement document in X-Author.
  2. Go to the Review section of the toolbar and click the downward arrow.
  3. Click Unlock Clause.

When you unlock a read-only clause, modify it, and then check it in, the modified clause appears in the Reconcile Smart Clauses page of the check-in window.