A language template contains the boilerplate legal language, terms, and conditions associated with a contract. Examples of language templates that could be associated with an NDA agreement type are Unilateral NDA – Inbound, Unilateral NDA – Outbound, and Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement.

Other examples may be language templates that are regional variations or client-specific versions of contracts. Since language templates can have embedded merge fields contained within them that get automatically populated during agreement creation time, please ensure that you markup the clauses using the Author to identify the merge fields. An example of a template marked up with merge fields inserted from the author is shown below:

This MUTUAL NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is made this day of {MERGEFIELD APTS_AGREEMENT_CONTRACT_START_DATE \* MERGEFORMAT }, by and between Apttus Inc. (“Internal Party”), a California corporation, on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries, with its principal place of business at 101 Main St., San Jose, CA and {MERGEFIELD APTS_AGREEMENT_ACCOUNT \* MERGEFORMAT }, (“The Company”), a corporation, with its principal place of business at {MERGEFIELD ACCOUNT_BILLINGSTREET \* MERGEFORMAT }, {MERGEFIELD ACCOUNT_BILLINGCITY \* MERGEFORMAT }, {MERGEFIELD ACCOUNT_BILLINGSTATE \* MERGEFORMAT } {MERGEFIELD ACCOUNT_BILLINGPOSTALCODE \* MERGEFORMAT } {MERGEFIELD ACCOUNT_BILLINGCOUNTRY \* MERGEFORMAT }.

X-Author can be used to manage contract templates and clauses in the Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management Suite. You can use the tool to create or maintain agreement templates or clauses, and manage them within the Apttus system from the Contract Template and Clause Libraries.


  • Only Microsoft Word documents in .doc and .docx format are supported for creating or maintaining Templates.
  • The following special characters not allowed by the local file system and are not supported in the template name, agreement name, agreement version name| : " < > ? \ /