The Doc Clauses tab lists all clauses in the agreement document. You can take the following actions on clauses from the Doc Clauses tab:

  • Navigate to a clause in the document
  • Mark a clause for deletion
  • Unmark a clause
  • View alternate clauses
  • Swap alternate clause

To view a clause

  1. Open Microsoft Word and launch the add-in.
  2. Log in to X-Author for Contracts and open the required agreement document. For information on opening an agreement document, see Opening an Agreement Document

  3. In the Contracts pane, go to Work > Doc Clauses. If you do not see Doc Clauses under the Work tab, click the More button ( ) from the menu, and select Doc Clauses. The list of clauses inserted in the document is displayed. 

    You can identify the read-only clauses by a lock icon () displayed corresponding to the clause name. To know more about read-only clauses, see Making Clauses Delete Read-Only. You can identify the alternate clauses by the split arrow icon ()displayed corresponding to the clause name. To know more about alternate clauses, see Viewing and Replacing Alternate Clauses

  4. Click the Filter icon () to expose drop-down menus that can help you to refine your search according to All Clauses Type or Modified Clauses. All Clauses will list all the clauses in the document. Modifies Clauses will list only the clauses that have been modified in the document. 
  5. Click on a clause name in the list. The document scrolls to highlight the selected clause in the agreement document.

Sections and supporting documents do not display in the list of clauses if they contain a smart field.

For more information on tracking clauses and clause activity in your agreements, refer to the CLM for Administrators for the Salesforce platform.

Unmarking a Clause

Unmarking a clause removes clause properties and returns the text to a static state. If you need to unmark a clause during the same session in which you marked it, you can use the Doc Clauses pane to remove clause properties. Note that, if you chose to replace the text with a clause from the library, you cannot choose to unmark the clause, it can only be deleted.


Mark the static text in the agreement document as a clause in the same session using Clause Library.

To unmark a clause

  1. Open Microsoft Word and launch the add-in.
  2. Log in to X-Author for Contracts.

  3. In the Contracts pane, go to Work > Doc Clauses
  4. Search the clause using Search Clauses or select the clause from the Available Clauses list.

  5. Select the marked clause and click the More icon() adjacent to the clause name and click Unmark.

You will see a confirmation message and the clause will be removed from the available clauses list too. The clause will also lose the content control border after your Unmark it.

You delete a clause manually by pressing the Delete key in the keyboard. The clause is deleted immediately and will not be listed in the Doc Clauses list. But, the clause is available for reconciliation when you perform Preview Reconcile or final checking in of the document. A "Deleted" entry is recorded in the Agreement Clause related list on the agreement record in CLM.