Contract Intelligence is a new web user interface feature that works on the CLM platform. Contract Intelligence is a machine-learning application that reads documents, finds key provisions, and analyzes the characteristics of your contracts and third-party paper. 

After a document has been processed by Contract Intelligence, you can view the extractions in CLM. Then you can check out the processed document using X-Author for Contracts, edit the document using X-Author for Contract functionalities, and reconcile it. 


Contract Intelligence is set up in Conga CLM, only then you can view the Review Import Results button in the Work tab of X-Author for Contracts. For more details, see Setting Up Contract Intelligence.

To use Contract Intelligence

  1. Check in a third-party document as an offline agreement in X-Author for Contracts. For more information, see Creating Offline Agreements
  2. Check out the offline agreement document.
  3. In the Contracts pane, go to Work > Review Import Results. If you do not see Review Import under the Work tab, click the More icon () and from the menu, select Review Import results. 

Click Review Import Results to start data extraction. You can see the fields and clauses recognized from the document in X-Author for Contracts. The Doc Fields and Doc Clauses in Work tab shows the list of fields and clauses identified in the document. After extraction with Contract Intelligence, you can perform the following: