New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Ability to Mark a Field as Read Only in a Template

You can now mark fields as Read Only fields and their values are updated using the Update from CLM button after the document is generated.

Ability to Hide Contracts and Templates Tabs

You can now hide tabs in X-Author Contracts using custom permissions.

Ability to Refresh Clauses in a Template During Editing

You can use the Refresh Clause option to view the updated and unpublished clauses in an agreement.


Following is the enhancement introduced in this release:

Number of Agreements Displayed on Login

X-Author Contracts for Cloud displays a maximum of 50 agreements in the X-Author Contracts pane in one instance. When you search agreements using filters, 20 agreements are displayed in one instance based on the search results and if you scroll further, 20 more agreements are displayed.