Conga's Clause Library contains all of your clause elements such as clauses, clause types, clause categories, clause bundles, and more. You can also compare clauses and create clause configurations. 

Getting started with the Clause Library

To set up your Clause Library, first view Accessing the Clause Library. After accessing your Clause Library, you can then create and configure clauses:

  1. Creating a new Clause
  2. Creating a new Clause Type
  3. Creating a new Clause Category
  4. Creating a new Clause Bundle

After you've added and configured your clauses, you can view and manage Clause Library content to edit and deleted content, view the Related tab, and compare clause revisions. You are also able to create clause configurations. 

Clause Configurations

Clause Configurations allow you to create each clause one time and associate clauses with different sub-clauses as to ensure that different configurations are ready to merge into documents according to the specific scenario present in the contract negotiation process. See the Clause Configuration Overview for more information, and then proceed to the following topics:

  1. Creating a new Clause Configuration
  2. Managing your Clause Configurations