Secure Mass Update is no longer supported or available for installation. The current Secure Mass Update functionality is available in the latest Conga Grid solution.
  1. Go to the Mass Update App, and select the Mass Update Settings Tab.
    If you are using Salesforce Professional Edition and below, follow these steps.
  2. Create field sets for the objects you would like to batch edit. Do this by going to the Setup → Customize → (Object) → Field Sets.

  3. At the Mass Update Settings page, click Add New to create a new Mass Update configuration row:
  4. Select the Object (Table), field set, and Owner Type.
    Global allows for all users, despite profiles.
    Selecting Profile will enable the Owner dropdown list, which will allow selection of a particular Profile
    Selecting the User Owner Type will enable the Owner dropdown list, which will allow selection of any particular User that is defined in the system
  5. When selecting Create, a button is defined automatically for that object. Clicking Add under List View and Search Results will automatically place that button under the <Object
  6. List View and the Search Results for that Object. Below is a screen shot of the end result:
  7. Make sure to click Save to save your new row.
  8. You optionally can create a button for Related Lists. For instructions on how to do this, refer to Applying Mass Update to Related Lists.

Additional Steps for Salesforce Professional Edition

The installation steps for Professional Edition Users and below are different. Please perform the following steps instead of using the automatic configuration tool:

5a. Go to Setup

5b. Go to Customize > (Object you want to configure Mass Update)

5c. Click Buttons, Links, and Actions

5d. Click New Button or Link

Fill out the following fields with the following information:

Label: “Mass Update” Name: “crmc_Mass_Update” Display Type: List Button (Check the Display checkboxes)

Behavior: Execute JavaScript Content Source: OnClick JavaScript Then, in the Required Content section, copy and paste this code:

(function (selectedIds, retUrl) {var head = document.getElementsByTagName('HEAD').item(0);var script = document.createElement ("script");script.type = "text/javascript";head.appendChild(script);script.onload = function () {MassUpdate.massUpdate(selectedIds, retUrl);};script.src = "/resource/CRMC_MassUpdate__MassUpdate?ts=" + new Date().getTime();}({!GETRECORDIDS( $ObjectType.<objectname>)},window.top.location.href));

You must insert your own Object name in the highlighted area. I.E, a Mass Update button for Accounts would have to read ( $ObjectType.Account).

Next, we must add this button to the Search Layout. Do this by going to (Object name) > Search Layouts. Then Edit the “Search Results” and “List View.”

Under the Custom Buttons list, “Mass Update” should appear under the Available Buttons list. Add it to the Selected Buttons list and click Save. Make sure that this is done in both the “Search Results” and “List View” Search Layouts.