This section lists changes in the documentation to support each release.

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Enabling Dynamic Tab RenderingNew Topic


Batch Add in Conga GridUpdated to add a note that there is a Batch Add limit of 100 records at a time. 


Save View AsUpdated steps


Save ViewsNew Topic


Conga Grid Technical RequirementsUpdated supported browsers. 


Conga Grid Technical RequirementsUpdated to add Conga Grid is compatible with Salesforce Shield Encryption. 


Enabling VirtualizationNew Topic


Custom ActionsAdded a note that 
Conga Support does not support or troubleshoot custom code which includes Custom Actions.


Updating External IDs for Grid ViewsNew Topic


Copy and Paste RecordsUpdated formatting.


Conga Query Code ExampleAdded note to clarify the code example only works with unique action names. 
Using Conga Grid in Salesforce CommunitiesAdded a note about the Salesforce Summer'23 release and Content Sniffing. 


Navigating Conga GridUpdated topic title, headers, and introduction paragraph. 


Edit the Conga GridUpdated screenshot, removed an outdated step, and reformatted topic. 
Conga Grid Technical RequirementsAdded a note listing the Salesforce supported API version. 


Grant Login Access to an OrganizationUpdated steps. 
Document Update Topic Description


Add a Related List to a Grid Updated steps. 


Using Grid Custom Actions in a Salesforce Community Updated steps. 


Copy and Paste RecordsUpdated Tips for Copy and Paste section. 


Integrating with Conga Orchestrate and CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) Updated prerequisites with remote site and Visualforce page requirements. 


Integrating with Conga Orchestrate and CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) New Topic 
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Spring'21Manage Licenses and Assign Permission SetsUpdated topic to state that API must be enabled to use Conga grid. 
Using Live Grid New Topic