Collaborate speeds up the document generation process by utilizing pre-built templates to create proposals, quotes, invoices, and more from a variety of CRM systems in an online format. Share digital documents and collaborate online in real-time with people throughout your organization.


Conga Collaborate features easily configurable, "no-coding required" solutions that enable teams to instantly generate accurate, branded documents with a couple of clicks, share it with other stakeholders, and collect digital signature, closing deals faster. Conga Collaborate's web-based application offers the ability to embed videos, images, forms, and other multimedia directly into the document.


Conga Collaborate offers document generation capabilities to create documents, contracts, and presentations that are entirely customizable for your needs. You can also create documents integrated with Salesforce.


Customize your documents with Conga Collaborate's editing features.


Share your documents with your prospects by emailing directly from Conga Collaborate.

Send an Online Document.


Track your proposals from within Conga Collaborate to know when prospects open and engage them.

Tracking a Document.


Close deals faster with Conga Collaborate's eSignature capabilities.

Conga Sign: Integration with Conga Collaborate

DocuSign: Integrating with Conga Collaborate