DocuSign delivers Conga Composer documents via email, much like Salesforce itself, but adds the ability to acquire, track, and file signatures using automatic anchor text and tags.

DocuSign lets you send documents electronically to collect electronic signatures from a recipient and update relevant data in your Salesforce account. Your recipient's sign, enter data, initial, and date your documents online and can update Salesforce automatically with signed documents and collected data. For more information visit

DocuSign is available separately on the AppExchange. You must subscribe to that service to use these integration parameters.

When using Conga products and DocuSign in a fully automated fashion (such as using the background parameter/value pair &DS7=17, Conga Trigger, or Conga Batch) the DocuSign Username and Salesforce User Email must match. If not, you will receive this error: Error: CreateEnvelope in DocuSignAPI. The UserID does not have a valid membership in this Account.