This section explains how you can change assets in the Contract flow.


  • Ensure that the custom setting Auto Create Order is set to True under Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Comply System Properties.
  • Assets are already created.

To change assets in the contract flow

  1. In the Salesforce org, select Apttus Contract Management.
  2. Create an agreement for asset change.

    The new agreement is not related to the agreement that was created during the new sale. CPQ does not support versioning of the original agreement.

  3. Click Configure Products and navigate to the Installed Products page.

    Using the Amend button on an agreement does not amend assets. You must use the Configure Products button on the agreement to change assets through the Cart. Also, CPQ allows you to modify all assets associated with an account, not just the assets associated with that particular agreement.

  4. Select the asset you want to update and click Change. On the cart page, Line Status changes to Amended

  5. You can change one or more of the following parameters:

    Attribute Value

    To change the Attribute value, click the wrench icon () next to the asset. You will see the Product Attributes page.
    Select the new attribute value and click Go to Pricing to load the cart page.

    OptionExpand the Show Options tree and select from the listing of the options to display all Product Options. From the resulting list, select the option with which you want to replace the original product option.
    QuantityEnter the number of units of the product your customer wants to purchase.
    Adjustment TypeIf you want to adjust the price of the asset, select an adjustment type.
    PriceEnter a value that is the amount your customer is charged for the product without accounting for taxes and other charges.
    Start DateThe date you want to start billing your customer for this purchase.
    End DateThe date you want to stop billing your customer for this purchase.
    Billing Frequency

    Select one of the following options

    Monthly - To generate a bill once every month
    - To generate a bill once every three months
    Half-yearly- To generate a bill once in the middle of a calendar or financial year
    Yearly - To generate a bill once every year
    Usage -  To generate a bill based on usage

    For details, see Billing Frequency in the Billing Management Guides. 

    Billing Rule

    Select one of the following options

    Bill in Advance - To bill your customer before the product is delivered
    Bill in Arrears - To bill your customer after the product is delivered
    Bill on Ready for Billing Date - To bill your customer with a consolidate invoice, on a day of their choice.

    Billing PreferenceSelect a predefined billing preference. For details, see Billing Preference in the Billing Management Guides.
    Payment TermLookup and select a predefined Payment Term so your customers know that they must pay outstanding charges within a stipulated time. For details, see Payment Terms in the Billing Management Guides.
  6. Click Reprice to view the changed price.
  7. Click Finalize to navigate back to the agreement. CPQ creates the agreement line items.
  8. Click Generate to generate an agreement document.
  9. After the negotiations are complete with your customer, click Activate to bring the agreement in effect. 
    After you activate the order for the changed assets, the status of the changed asset changes from New to Amended on the account.

For more information, see Changing an Asset.