New Feature

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

TurboPricing Integration with Partner Commerce

Partner Commerce introduces TubroPricing integration for pricing calculations to offload complex pricing computation workload from the Salesforce platform to the Apttus Flexible Compute Platform. TurboPricing is an optional pricing engine built using microservices to reduce the processing time on the cart.

Introducing CPQ REST API Version 2

With CPQ REST API Version 2, the following REST APIs are updated to support both TuboPricing and CPQ Pricing.

  • [POST] /carts/{cartId}/price
  • [POST] /carts/{cartId}/promotions
  • [DELETE] /carts/{cartId}/promotions/{couponCode}

CPQ REST API Version 2 supports TurboPricing and CPQ Pricing; whereas CPQ REST API Version 1 only supports CPQ Pricing. Also, the SDK is integrated with Version 1 and not Version 2.