The X-Author Templates Word add-in has support for inserting smart FX2 fields into an agreement or clause template.

Smart FX2 fields are specialized FX2 fields that can retain the Apttus field definition even after the Merge Service generates the Agreement document. This feature helps for reconciling the document which is explained in detail in the Reconciliation section. Smart fields are intended for negotiable parts of an agreement. Smart fields are usually represented by small chunks of text, such as dates, categories, and numeric values. Smart fields are not intended to hold large amounts of text–if necessary, use smart clauses instead.


Smart fields have the following limitations:

  • Text Area data type fields, formula field for LongDate and Multi-Select Picklists are not supported for Smart FX2 fields.
  • A normal FX2 field or a qualified FX2 field can be inserted as a smart FX2 field. You cannot insert lookup fields as smart FX2 fields.
  • You can neither insert the fields of Related Agreement object, such as Relationship From Type and Relationship To Type in an agreement template nor mark these fields in a generated agreement document.
  • Smart fields cannot be used in the headers or footers of agreement documents.

Reconciliation functionality is supported for the fields inserted "as a section" or "as a table." Qualified FX2 fields as smart fields for 2nd and 3rd-level objects are not supported.

For details on Reconciliation, see Reconciliation.

To insert an FX2 Smart Field into an FX2 Template

You must have an FX2 Template checked out or have created a new FX2 Template.

  1. Click Insert Fields and then select the desired fields in the Insert Fields dialog box.


    You might view multiple instances of an object, but each of these objects has either a master-detail relationship or a look-up relationship with the parent object. For example, you might view 2 objects named Agreements when you click Insert Fields. One is the actual agreement object and second is the agreement object for EchoSign Integration with agreements and both these objects have a look-up relationship with the Agreement object.

  2. Click Finish to confirm the field selection.

    Notice that the Control Panel will open. This is where you will need to change an inserted field to a Smart Field. Right-click the field name in the Control Panel Navigation Pane and select Mark as Smart.


     You can verify that the field has been correctly inserted as a smart field be checking the field values in the Properties pane at the bottom of Control Panel.

You have successfully inserted a field and then changed it to a Smart Field.